Niveau 1 (Begynder) 2013 - 2014

Instruktør - Ida Pedersen
Assistent - Elga Stokbæk


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AB- Alright,already                                         (step sheet)

Connie Nielsen Alright,already by Larry Steawert         (video) Beg
Don't go                 (step sheet) Sue Hutchion Stay here by Lee Dewyze                     (video) Beg
Coca cola cowboy (step sheet) Unknown Coca cola cowboy by Mel Tillis            (video) Beg
Hurry Up Slow Down                                             (step sheet) Severine Fillion Hurry Up, Slow Down by Don Derby   (video) Beg
1 Vision                  (step sheet) David Sinfield One Vision One World by Dj Bobo      (video) Beg
You Ain't Dolly       (step sheet) Shirley Blankenship You Aint Dolly by Ashley Monroe        (video) Beg
Amigo's Waltz         (step sheet) Marie Sørensen If I Knew Then by Lady Antebellum     (video) Beg
Beep Beep              (step sheet) Kim Ray Love Tou Like A Love Song by Selena Gomez & The Scene                                                   (video) High Beg
My Celtic Spirit       (step sheet) Annemaree Sleeth Celtic Rock by David King                    (video) Easy Int
Memories To Burn  (step sheet) Rene and Reg Mileham Memories To Burn                                (video) Easy Beg
Timber                    (step sheet) Vivienne Scott Timber by Pitbull ft Kesha                      (video) Ultra Beg
Write Me A Letter Son (step sheet) Bob Francis Write Me A Letter by Derek Ryan         (video) Beg




Niveau 1 (Begynder) 2012 - 2013

Instruktør - Ida Pedersen

Dans : Koreograf : Musik : Niveau
Farmer's Daughter Søren Kristensen Farmer's Daughter by Rodney Atkins beginner
Eagle Eye Lorna Mursell Lyin' Eyes by The Eagles absolute beginner
Abieber Ross Brown Love Me by Justin Bieber absolute beginner
Mocking Birds Natalie Davids Mocking Birds by Toby Keith & Crystal Absolute Beginner
Little Open Heart Cowboy Elin Lykke Little Yellow Blanket by Dean Brody Beginner
Fallin    Video Kate Valentin Fallin fallin fallin by John Fogerty beginner
Ah Si Rita Masur Levantando Las Manos  by El Simbolo beginner
Romance    video Pim Humphrey Just Another Woman i love by  Anne Murray beginner
Skinny Genes Pat and Lizzie Stott Skinny Genes by Elisa Doolittle absolute beginner
Ju Hu HuVideo Lone og Nellie Darling Lidt i Fem by Rasmus Seebach beginner
Mamma Maria     video Frank Trace Mamma Maria by Ricchi E. Poweri beginner
Somebody' Mum    video Colin B. Smith & Roz Chaplin Somebody's mum by Joe Nichols beginner
Good Day to Run   video Benny  Ray A Good day to Run by Darryl by Worley beginner
Whiskey under the Bridge Joe Slijpen Whiskey under the Bridge by Brooks and Dunn
Love Lifted Me ( vælg selv video ) Jo Thompson Szymanski Love Lifted Me by Scooterlee Imp
Country Line Cha Cha  video Unknown Neon Moon by Brooks & Dunn Beginner